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Create A Splash With BIRKENSTOCK Empty Create A Splash With BIRKENSTOCK

Wed Sep 14, 2022 7:35 pm
The rains bring with them petrichor, hot food cravings, and change of wardrobe. It's time to put away your suede and leather footwear, and bring out your splashing waterproof and colorful Birkenstock clearance sales!

For preparing monsoons, BIRKENSTOCK brings to a unique collection of footwear especially created from water resistant EVA. This is a high-top quality, flexible, light, and machine washable fabric. Specially developed to be used during a wet climate, every single EVA BIRKENSTOCK sandal is jolt absorbing, odorless, skin area friendly and durable. We now have curated among the best styles for yourself this current year:

All-in-one Arizona

The wardrobe standard Arizona can be a planet preferred sandal. This classic design functions two straps, every with an individually adjustable pin buckle. The anatomically molded footbed luxuries the sole. To the understated fashionistas, Arizona can be found in dark, gray, bronze, olive, and white colored. For individuals who want a bold put of shade, consider your pick from pink, red-colored, electronic glowing blue, yellow, and bright environmentally friendly.

Couples well with: Practically EVERYTHING in your clothing collection.

Balanced Barbados

A sporty fall-on sandal, Barbados incorporates a one large strap using a hexagon style and emblem lettering. These slides offer ease of wear, plus a highly comfy footbed. They are available in black color, navy, reddish, pink, electric powered light blue, and vibrant green.

Couples well with: Athleisure, shorts, joggers, crop tops, hoodies.

Beautiful Gizeh

The timeless group-preferred Gizeh is a thong sandal offering the iconic footbed, a single strap with the adjustable pin buckle, plus a toe submit. Highly stylish and elegant, it can be found in simple timeless classics like black colored, navy, khaki, light brown, grey, and white-colored. It is also available in berry colors of pinks and lavender.

Sets well with:Imprinted shirts, culottes, midi span garments, and bed linen clothes.

Helpful Honolulu

This remarkably practical and comfy thong sandal is constructed from just one bit of EVA having a hexagon routine on the strap. The easy slide-on sandal also functions the anatomically shaped footbed. It can be found in light pinkish, lavender, black colored, navy, and vibrant natural.

Pairs well with:Kaftans, obtained blouses, shorts, and ruffled clothes.

Merry Madrid

The very minimal Madrid includes a one slim strap with the changeable pin buckle, and also the iconic anatomically designed footbed. The iconic footbed offers comfort, as well as the basic style lends the glides a very adaptable style. Madrid is available in a fairly neutral shade colour pallette of black colored, grey, olive, gold, and bright white.

Pairs well with:Contra --in shape clothes, cropped pants, boxy kurtas, and relaxed apparel.

Adapt to the awesome of your down pours with greatest happiness. So, take out your cutest umbrellas, and your fanciest raincoats. At BIRKENSTOCK, you are going to never run out of styles. Irrespective of what the elements, we received your feet covered!
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